The College of Performance Management (CPM) welcomes the Project Management College of Scheduling (PMCOS) to EVM World 2014.   Scheduling experts from across the country have developed a workshop track of 12 sessions dedicated to developing, implementing, maintaining, and executing effective schedules.  Ms. Gwen Barger, the PMCOS VP of Programs, is Track Coordinator.

In order for projects to Fuel the Value of Project Performance, programs must establish and maintain a credible schedule as the foundation for statusing and measuring project performance.  Sessions will share lessons learned and case studies while walking through the practices of creating and maintaining the schedule, establishing a viable network, conducting scheduling analysis, and communicating the value of the schedule.

Specific workshop sessions include:

  • PMCOS Board, Panel Leading an Open Idea Exchange with EVM World attendees
  • Mr. Stuart Ockman,  Ockman & Borden Associates, on Preventing, Identifying and Quantifying Critical Project Delays
  • Mr. Tom Driscoll and Mr. Ken Baker, Hill International, Inc., on CPM – Its Genesis, Past, and Present
  • Mr. John Homer and Mr. Lee Peters, ProjectLEADER, Inc., on Four Decades of Lessons Learned
  • Mr. Mike Mosley Jr., Zachry Industrial, Inc., on Planning and Scheduling – Getting to Earned Value
  • Mr. George McLaughlin, McLaughlin & McLaughlin, on Managing Large and Complex Projects using Standard Project Control Tools
  • Mr. Paul Bolinger, Humphreys & Associates, on Selling and Telling with The Summary Schedule
  • Mr. Robert Loop, DOE EVM Focal Point, on Viable Option or Gamesmanship?
  • Ms. Debra Sitzman, Raytheon Missile Systems, on An Exploration of Key Indicators to Achieve Useful Status
  • Mr. Rob D’Onofrio, Capital Project Mgt., Inc., and Clark Thiel, Esquire, Jones Day, on Modern Trends in Schedule Delay Analysis

The College of Scheduling (PMCOS) is a brand new, international, professional association.  Incorporated in November 2013, our mission is to provide a forum for Professionals to promote excellence in planning and scheduling through networking, sharing project experiences, providing and receiving training, and providing support and encouragement for the ongoing development of a body of knowledge.  For more information, visit

College of Scheduling Abstracts & Bios