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Practice Symposia & Tools Track Speaker Requirements

Requirement Description Due Date Comments
Speaker Submissions Practice Symposia &  Tools Track – Sponsorship information and request for abstracts and bios will be sent later in January Abstract -No more than 250-word summary of intended presentation for Workshop Flyers and Agenda Notebook Bio – No more than 250-word summary of relevant experience for Workshop Flyers and Agenda Notebook January 25, 2014
(Extended to Feb 14)
Combined on one page with bio in Arial 10 pt (see samples below)Submit to: Submit Abstract and Bio to fit on one page – IF CORRECT FORMAT IS NOT USED, ABSTRACT & BIO WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED – MUST INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATIONPlease name the file you submit that contains your abstract & bio with your last name and title of the abstract
Speakers Selected
CPM will notify selected Speakers
Speakers and presentations will be based on Workshop Objectives NLT
Feb 28, 2014
Each Director will notify selected Speakers
Presentation Material
Training = 75 min
Practice = 45 min
Workshop = 75 min
Tool Track = 45min
Allow time for Q & A within above session durations
PowerPoint slideshow for Proceedings CD &  Training HandoutsCPM Presentation Template 2014 (ppt) March 28, 2014 Presentation must be PowerPoint. Please keep to a minimum number of slides for time allotted. Name of presenter & title must be shown on first slide. Include name of presenter and title of presentation on first slide. Submit to: ( name the file you submit that contains your presentation with your last name and title of the presentation
Registration Registration at special speaker’s rate of $550 NLT May 1, 2014 Speaker Registration Fee – $550
Speakers’ Reception on the evening before the workshop starts Tuesday, May 21
6:00-8:00PM at the Workshop Hotel
This reception affords us the opportunity to recognize and reward speaker contributions
Presentation Delivery Delivery of prepared Presentation at the workshop during a scheduled session May 21 to May 23, 2014 as scheduled by track coordinator Specific place and time of presentation will be coordinated prior to workshop


Submission Examples


PS 08 – EVM and Personal Productivity 

Earned value management involves more than setting processes and tools in place as part of the integrated management system.  Considerations must also be given to the human element of EVM – how can we improve how people use the system?  Can we help people improve their productivity when using an EVM system?  What can we learn from personal productivity systems?  How can I improve my own productivity?  Surprisingly, there are similarities that can be uncovered between the basic concepts of EVM and achieving personal productivity.  This presentation will break new ground by exploring both the similarities and differences and the cross pollination of basic concepts.  This exploration will shed new light on how we can improve the human element of EVM by applying certain productivity principles. Likewise, basic EVM concepts can help us improve our own personal productivity at work, at home, and all aspects of life.


Eleanor L. Haupt, Earned Value Associates LLC 

Phone: (888) 555-1234            Fax : (888) 555-5678                E-Mail:

Eleanor is a senior partner with Earned Value Associates LLC, a training and consulting company dedicated to improving earned value management.  Eleanor provides customized support for EVM implementation and policy development to private and public clients.  As part of EVMS implementation for a client, she conducts gap analyses and continuous improvement assessments, as well as compliance and integrated baseline reviews. Eleanor has developed and presented a wide variety of training materials covering the full spectrum of EVM, and is also a certified wInsight instructor.  She is a frequent speaker, trainer, and keynoter at national and international EVM conferences.  Eleanor is the author of several guides and manuals, and has been a major contributor to other guides.

Prior to entering the public sector, she had a successful career within the Department of Defense for over 26 years, and was a leading expert on several key teams.  She worked for the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Army, and has supported numerous programs in financial and cost management, specializing in earned value management and integrated management.  Eleanor was the EVM focal point at Aeronautical Systems Center and responsible for policy development, guidance, training, and direction for the application of EVM on all Air Force programs at the center.

Eleanor served as Executive Vice President and President of the PMI College of Performance Management.