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Workshops are forums to introduce and develop new and emerging practices and techniques to improve program management using project performance management. Objectives are to identify potential solutions.

The Workshops are not intended to provide training or instruction but to encourage an open discussion on the Workshop topic.

Workshop and Practice Symposia Topic and Speaker Selections:

The content of EVM World Workshops and Practice Symposia sessions are intended to further the practices associated with Integrated Program Management (IPM) and, if possible, to reinforce the EVM World theme of Maximizing Program & Performance Management Through Collaboration CPM will select topics for inclusion in Workshop and Practice Symposia Categories using the following evaluation criteria:

  • Value of the topic to the IPM community.
  • Relevance of the topic to one or more EVM World Tracks
  • Balance of topic depth with breadth. CPM seeks both the depth of individual topics and the link and alignment of all the topics across the Categories. Each topic must prove its own importance, its important role in the specific Category, and its key part in IPM.
  • Emphasis of the topic outline upon real practices and examples. Although conceptual information is important, EVM World participants better appreciate relevant details and learn from expert insight.
  • Diversity of presenter perspectives. CPM places a high value in a presenter’s expertise in the proposed topic, their knowledge of customer and oversight authority perspectives, practitioner experience, industry, geographical considerations, and their appreciation of the variety of organizational sizes and dynamics, etc.

The EVM World Workshop is a chance to learn about project performance techniques, including earned value management (EVM). The workshop provides training, current topics from practicing professionals, access to world leaders in project performance management, networking, and the latest in software and consulting to make your program successful.

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